| Cork Gaskets
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Cork Gaskets

Cork Gasket Manufacturer

Transformer Gaskets

Since the design of the transformer varies from manufacturer to manufacturer we at Talbros offer individual transformer gaskets as well as kits containing all the gaskets required in a transformer of any particular KVA. These transformer gaskets are designed to suit individual customer’s drawings and specifications as well.

Industrial Gaskets

Having completed developments for multiple different industries from distilleries to computer printers, from fishing reels to an old World War 2 plane relic, Talbros caters to the requirements of customers for a wide range of industrial gaskets.


Automotive Gaskets

Talbros has a variety of Valve cover, Oil sump & Radiator gaskets available in its range. With our dies and machining capabilities we can produce both large and small quantities without added setup cost.

In addition to our vast range of gaskets for Engine & Transmission applications, customers can have gaskets developed based on their specifications, requirements and drawings.

Our range of cork only anti-vibration products are made from the grades ranging from 40 Shore Hardness to 90 Shore Hardness. The products we supply in this category are- anti vibration strips, anti vibration coils and anti vibration pads & sheets manufactured according to customer requirements and sizes.