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Quality Systems

At Talbros we are proud of our quality systems and in pursuit for excellence and continuous improvement have earned the following certifications and approvals- ISO/TS 16949 certification, RoHS Compliance Certification and the DIN 3535-5 DVGW Certification.

Every process is strictly monitored and every product is subjected to the most stringent tests before they can be worthy of the Talbros name for in our name lies the unerring proof of precision and the unmistakable stamp of quality.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • A fully equipped Kneading and Mixing Operation for compound preparation purposes.
  • A fully-automated weighing and storage facility for chemicals and powders used in compound preparation.
  • A forced-air circulated heating oven for curing and vulcanising purposes.
  • Laboratory and R&D equipment to ensure the continuous pursuit of innovation as well as to ensure the improvement in quality standards that are already of a high standard.
  • A semi-automated storage and feeding facility for oils used during compound preparation.
  • A semi automatic hydraulic press with railing system for making Rubberised Cork Blocks.
  • Complete soft gasket cutting and punching facility.
  • Backup power generation facilities and 3 shifts to ensure round the clock production in order to meet sudden increases in production.
  • Sanding and Buffing machines to further ensure perfection in thickness requirements.
  • Various lines of machines for molding of gaskets and other rubber products including presses to manufacture large matting material.
  • Slicing machines with thickness control mechanism to prepare rubberised Cork sheets in accurate measurements.